HealthCare Relief (HealthCare For Africa)
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What We Do

What We do at

Healthcare Relief
(Healthcare for Africa)

We are non-profit organization that supports good causes and positive change all over the world.

Healthcare Services

To provide accessible free healthcare services for the deprived.

Research On Public Health

To conduct systematic research on public health and their socio-economic implications. We can represent pharmaceutical manufactures in new drugs research

Healty campaigns For Poor People

To run public health campaigns for people of African origins

Medical Facilities for People

To access and deliver medical aid to Africans in great need

Support our Causes

Coronavirus Appeal

The coronavirus pandemic is putting millions of lives at risk. We must act now. Millions of lives are at stake as coronavirus hits refugee camps…

Diabetics kits, Mosquitoe nets, Medical Equipment & Consumables

This cause is to help supply Kits, nets, consumables to the needy people in Africa

Cancer Research UK & Africa

We are asking for donations to support cancer research in both UK and Africa.

Drugs or Pharmaceuticals

This cause aimed at providing pharmaceutical drugs to sick patients in Africa and also cover hospital bills.

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